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science of beauty
Unlocking Your Beauty Code

A Revolutionary New Breakthrough in the Science of Beauty and Appearance. In Marilyn Starr Harris book, you will discover your best colors and how to use them to look your most beautiful.

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When you carry your personal color planner shopping guide with you across town, country or the world, you will be able to get the perfect match or mix for your wardrobe or decorating projects.

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See Marilyn Starr Harris in action using her discovery of the true science behind beauty. In these videos, you will witness which colors are right for an individual and which colors are not.

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science of beauty

Unlocking Your Beauty Code, is the only book that reveals the true science behind beauty. Read a few testimonials of people that truely found the true beauty secret by reading Marilyn's book.

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beauty code

The Diet of Light and Life is a handbook for beauty from the inside out. It's a plan of eating for good health. Bright eyes, a radiant smile, glowing skin, and shiny hair are attractive traits.

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makeup products

Once you discover your Personal Color Code, you can get perfect match of cosmetics to guarantee that you will always look naturally pleasing by applying the colors that are right for you.

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